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Christian Women Navigating Midlife with Purpose and Grace

Oh Wondrous Grace Chronicle encourages women in midlife to use the gifts they have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace (based on 1 Peter 4:10). Our goal is to help women stop worrying if it's too late, and instead get excited about living their best Christian life from a more mature, wise and experienced place.

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Welcome Letter From the Editor, read by Sue Donaldson from Welcome Heart

"I love this magazine more like a personal journal of many writers sharing stories, poems, drawings, etc. I love it!!! It has encouraged me, blessed me, and prompted me to write scriptures and more in my own journal. It has motivated me to write poems and prayers. I am thankful for this sweet blessing. I feel a personal connection to the authors as I hear their hearts and their love for my Savior Jesus. Thank you so much." -Oh Wondrous Grace Reader

 "I have just received my first copy of Oh Wondrous Grace... It is absolutely beautiful to behold! The Lord has guided you beautifully as you've sought and followed Him with this meaningful outreach and means of encouragement."

-Oh Wondrous Grace Reader

"It. Is. Gorgeous! I'm super impressed with the quality." -Oh Wondrous Grace Reader 

Oh Wondrous Grace Chronicle is published six times per year. Each issue includes Bible-based essays plus poems, art and stories of hope and inspiration. We also include an eight-week devotional and a prayer journal with lined pages to write in. 10% of purchases go to help organizations that align with our goal of encouraging a more personal relationship with Christ through teachings and service.

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