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Our issues are timeless in that they are based on themes and Bible stories rather than current events.

Each issue offers just as much hope and inspiration today as 10 years from today.


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Renew My Strength- Issue 1


Our premier issue’s theme is “Renew My Strength” because so many of us, after moving into this new season of life, become complacent and feel stuck. We have a heart for service and yearn to live out our dreams, but we’re not sure how to take the next steps on God’s path for us.

Our hope for you is to ignite a new passion within, hear the voice of Jesus, dig deep into his Word and be gently commissioned into the great plan that he has in mind for each one of us. When we know we are loved, valued and cherished, I believe we can achieve much.

  • Interview: Nikki Boyd discusses her prayer closet and starting a business later in life. Nikki is from At Home with Nikki YouTube Channel and website.

  • Essays on hospitality, adoption, a Mother's love, tithing, retirement, Christian living and more.

  • Artwork and poetry offering inspirations and glorifying God's word.

  • Christian fiction "Turn Right for Grace" Part 1.

  • Entertainment-worthy Recipes

  • Prayer Journal

  • Renew My Strength Eight-week Devotional

68 pages, perfect bound, keepsake paper quality, writable journal and devotional (flipbook).

Quiet My Mind- Issue 2

The theme of this issue is “Quiet My Mind,” in which we celebrate making space for God and spending quiet time in his presence. When I was young, our youth group went on several backpacking trips, something I couldn't quite appreciate until I experienced the peace of open spaces firsthand. Through those memorable trips, hiking in places so far removed from society, I truly established a lifelong relationship with Christ.


At first, you might need to become used to moments of quietness. You will soon turn off your car radio; you will hardly switch on your TV. You’ll likely delight in a quiet walk in the countryside or a moment of calm by the water’s edge more than you ever imagined.

The world can be so loud, but with quiet reflection, we open ourselves up to hear the Lord more clearly. By making space, we are better equipped to take on his plan for us.

  • Interview: Sue Donaldson discusses overcoming loneliness and hospitality. Sue is from Welcome Heart blog and podcast

  • Essays on pursuing Christ, gratitude, choosing peace over fear, career changes in midlife, financial joy, Christian living and more.

  • Artwork and poetry offering inspiration and glorifying God's word.

  • Christian fiction "Turn Right for Grace" Part 2.

  • Recipes- summertime salads and sweets 

  • Prayer Journal

  • Quiet My Mind Eight-week Devotional

72 pages, perfect bound, keepsake paper quality, writable journal and devotional (flipbook).

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