A New Month with Hidden Opportunities

"I can rebuild the blocks with God's help into something much more simple and beautiful than I ever thought possible."

by Diane Reiber, artist and author of Light Collection

As I am getting ready to fill in the dates for this new month, the process left me feeling startlingly empty yet free at the same time. Though I can find myself feeling anxious at times with what is happening in our unsettling and unpredictable world, I do find that I can plan out my days in a different, new way.

Instead of experiencing feelings of restriction with errands, activities and appointments, I can now fill in my days with intentional and quieter moments. I can linger a bit longer on a walk or be more available for spontaneous talks with my family while we are all at home. I can make that call to someone that I haven’t spoken to in a while or I can write a letter to a loved one. Oddly enough, it can be a month of reconnecting while we are apart.

Most importantly, it gives me ample time to lean into God more fully. The distractions have one-by-one been taken away from us. Some are easier to give up than others, but what am I filling my days with? Therein lies the choice, the freedom to step away from the mindless distractions and dive in deeper with God. To reassess, reconfigure and prioritize. It reminds me of a child who builds a huge tower of blocks only to have it knocked down with pieces scattering everywhere.

Sometimes I feel that is exactly what has happened to days on our calendars right now, scattered everywhere. I can pick up each block and ask myself, is this even needed or necessary anymore? Does this actually bring me closer to God or further? I can rebuild the blocks with God's help into something much more simple and beautiful than I ever thought possible. Each block representing an intentional way to do his will versus my own.

Nothing that I do holds value unless I am grafted into Jesus. He shares with us through John’s writings “I am the vine, you are the branches; he who abides in me and I in him, he bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing," (John 15:5)

Is it strange, awkward and unsettling sometimes as my days have changed dramatically? Definitely yes. But as I make these changes his promises hold true, there will be much fruit if I invite him into these moments. He will use this time if I allow him access to my heart for us to grow closer and deeper in our relationship. The ripple effect of this is how it overflows to others.