Are We Searching for the Right Thing?

"When we seek God, we often find more than we set out to. We discover peace for our anxieties and insecurities."

by Cherry Fargo, Certified Life Coach and Founder of Being Remade

Google reports that in the course of a day 63,000 Internet searches are initiated every 60 seconds, but what is it that we’re really searching for? In a time when feelings of uncertainty and insecurity are on the rise, we often seek something we hope can help fill the void in our life. But, are we searching for the right thing?

We may think we know what we need to fill that void, or we may believe that we will know what we are looking for when we find it. Either way, we begin chasing after finding what is missing like Alice in Wonderland chases after the rabbit. In a similar fashion to Alice, what we discover is a world of distractions that often takes us away from what we were trying to achieve in the first place. Even when we do find what we have imagined will bring us ease, we often discover that it doesn’t actually fill the emptiness. We have been searching for the wrong thing all along.

A better solution for filling our void is available to us. God wants to be found. He doesn’t just want to eliminate our emptiness, but he desires to create an overflow in our lives that brings hope to others around us. In Jeremiah 29:13 he invites us to pursue him. “You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.” Seeking him with our whole heart means pursuing him with dedication and persistence. Finding him requires daily effort through prayer, Bible reading, study and journaling. Like any cherished relationship, it is worth it.

When we seek God, we often find more than we set out to. We discover peace for our anxieties and insecurities. We experience the contentment and wholeness of walking with Jesus. Through our disciplined pursuit of God, we learn the wisdom to turn to him the first moment our heart aches of emptiness. We realize we don’t need more information or more things, we just need to seek God above all else and he will be found.