Diane Reiber: Drawing Together with God

An Oh Wondrous Grace Chronicle Writer/Artist Portrait

Diane resides in Nebraska, with her husband and children. She started painting as a way to share a story or convey a feeling when words alone weren’t adequate. She enjoys the freedom that painting allows — no punctuation or perfect grammar necessary — just a blank canvas ready to take her story in and then share it.

Diane is currently painting a series of pieces entitled “Light Collection.” These images are based on light and hope in unsettled times. She primarily paints with water-based oil on canvas as she appreciates the finish it provides and its opaque quality. Her book, “Light Collection,” showcases paintings that reflect the journey she’s been on and the light she’s encountered along the way. email: website:

A little bit about me:

I enjoy a good cup of tea, (iced these days). Also walking outdoors is truly a pleasure right now. I have four great kids and I am married to my best friend our backyard gardener enthusiast.

My favorite place is my art studio and sometimes that’s outdoors. The process of creating a piece that warms my heart adds exciting energy into my day. I like to experiment with different mediums of paint. Water-based oil and watercolor are two of my favorites. I’ve also realized that writing is a beautiful art form that I’m drawn to. The most recent art project I’m enjoying is working with clay, my daughter’s idea. The fun and meaningful conversations that transpire with her during this process is such a gift.

How did you begin to paint and why?

I started creating children’s paintings and I quite enjoyed that. I then turned my focus toward something beyond that style. I began painting with more intentionality, from my own heart and story.

Painting turned into a conversation with God. How he loves, heals and leads me is expressed in the images I select. How I see him in the beauty, simplicity and intricacies of nature, this is my favorite source of inspiration. I feel true, absolute joy when I recognize his presence in the piece I’m working on.

Quieting within and drawing together with God as I paint, is best described in the book of Pslams, 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God”. These intimate moments that I share with him are both beautiful and sacred.

How did writing begin for you?

Do you know those little white cards placed besides pieces of art in a gallery that share its details? That is where writing took ahold of me. I started writing the stories of my art piece in a poetic style. My writing then became an extension of the painting. A friend shared that my words helped her, she found healing through them and encouraged me to put my thoughts into a book. God made it abundantly clear that this was the direction he would like me to go and Light Collection came to be. I continue to enjoy writing along with my art.

Oh Wondrous Grace has given me the opportunity to share beyond the walls in a gallery. I am so grateful.

What’s next on your agenda?

I always have ideas brewing as I feel God gently asking me to share. Currently, with my family close by I’ve found that watercolors are my go-to. They have less rigid time constraints for me, so I’m happily exploring them. I also have several ideas waiting for my canvas when alone time is more abundant and I write reflectively about these ideas waiting to be shared.

I hope to encourage you to share your own story in the way you are drawn to. When you invite God into the process, the grace he provides you then deepens your relationship with him and everyone, it’s immeasurable.


by Diane Reiber

24x36 x 3/4” water-based oil on canvas When there is a sunrise in progress  and time allows, I will grab my camera and drive out into the countryside. As I watch the sunrise develop and take it all in, it’s like a big inhale,  a recollection of His promises of a new day, a new beginning and  the daily choice of choosing Him.