Gretchen Fleming: Serving Others to Share the Love of Jesus

An Oh Wondrous Grace Chronicle Writer Portrait  (Gretchen Branstetter Fleming) 

Tell me a bit about your background and family. How did you become a Christian? What was it like the day you asked God into your heart?

God blessed me with Christian parents and grandparents so I was raised with a legacy of faith. They joyfully shared Christ with me by explaining the Gospel. By the time I was 9 years of age, I understood that I was a sinner in need of a Savior so I trusted in Jesus that day for the sin debt I could not pay. I am forever grateful for a family that modeled a life lived for Jesus. They taught me about trusting the Lord, serving Him and how He is the best part of our life on earth. They modeled time in the Word and how important that was for my growing relationship with the Lord. They also taught me how I was to love others by serving them and making a difference in my community.

What is your favorite part of the day?

My favorite part of the day is being with Jesus. I love it when I get up and enjoy my coffee as I write in my gratitude journal about all the gifts God gave me from the day before. I love reading my chronological Bible afterwards as I learn more about God’s story and character. I enjoy my prayer time where I get to encounter the Lord personally and intimately. But my favorite part doesn’t end there. Whenever I am by myself, whether at home or in my car or out doing errands, I enjoy being with Jesus. I am able to meditate on Him as I listen to worship music or do household chores or when I am preparing a speaking engagement message, etc. I guess I just love communing with Him all throughout the day but it is definitely easier when I am by myself.

What do you like the most about writing?

I like the Bible study aspect of it. I am called to be a Bible teacher so I love how I am able to walk out this purpose as a writer. I enjoy studying the Word and the lessons that God teaches me make such a difference in my life. That makes me want to share them with others. Sometimes that is through writing blog posts or magazine articles or through my book “ Press On". Other times these lessons are shared through writing and teaching Bible studies or through speaking engagements.

Was there a specific person that made an impact in your Christian life?

I would say that my dad has made the most impact in my Christian life. He discipled me from an early age and I am still learning from him at 53. He loves the Word and serving Christ. Those two aspects of faith have served me well because I am grounded in truth/sound doctrine and also the importance of applying it as I walk it out.

How did he/she help you in your walk with Christ?

My dad has modeled growing in Christ. I have seen how his faith has evolved over time and how that has affected his character. His outlook on life and the peace that settles him is a testimony of his Savior. Joy and gratitude mark his life and I love that about him.

Tell me about some of your hobbies and family time. How does the theme of the latest issue, Magnify My Giving relate to you?

I have been married to my dear husband for almost 32 years. We enjoy our time together as empty nesters by going to hear live music in our area and dancing. We also love to go on bike rides and walk through hiking trails. Our latest enjoyment is our grandson. What a delight to see life together through the lens of grandparenting. The latest theme of “Magnify My Giving” reminds me of how much God has already given us and the privilege/responsibility to give back in return. To whom much is given, much is required. My husband and I both serve those around us in an effort to share the love of Jesus. Because He has loved us, we want to reflect that love. Jesus takes any ounce of effort or service from our hands and does what only He can do- He blesses it for His kingdom purpose and to magnify His name. We trust Him to take our “little” and make it “much” for His will.

What are some projects that are in the works with your business?

I am preparing some messages for upcoming speaking engagements that have not been canceled due to COVID. I’m grateful that in-person ministry opportunities are starting to get back to normal. I continue to write for my website and teach locally and online. I also serve in numerous ways for my church , Eleven22 , which is one of the fastest-growing churches in America. I recently started a ladies' disciple group which I enjoy because I love to disciple others. Whether it is locally or abroad, in person or online, making Christ known is worth every ounce of effort. Following hard after Him is the privilege of my life.