Just Like the Bank?

"God meets our daily needs but he also goes beyond that to give us the things that bless us too."

by Cherry Fargo, Certified Life Coach and Founder of Being Remade

One lovely spring evening when my children were much younger, we were on our way to church for mid-week activities. The windows were rolled down so we could enjoy the breeze. One of my daughters was holding the dollar bill I had given her for offering out the window, letting it flap in the breeze.

My request for her to stop was met with a child’s favorite question, "Why?" I explained to her the money was set aside for God and if the wind snatched it out of her hand we wouldn’t be able to give it to him. She thought about it for a moment before she declared that if she lost it we could just go to the bank and get more money.

Thinking that I had an amazing teaching moment presented to me, I began with “Sweety, the bank doesn’t just give us money.” Before I could continue my lesson though, she excitedly blurted out “You’re right mommy, they give us suckers too!” That’s where the lesson ended, or so I thought. After pondering the discussion for a while and trying to figure out how I could have better made my point, God whispered to my heart, “I’m just like the bank.” I suddenly went from being the teacher of the lesson to being the student.

Now you’re probably just as curious as I was wondering how God is like the bank? I must confess, it took a little thought to understand what the Lord was teaching me, but let me explain. In my daughter’s mind, the bank gives us what we need: money. However, the bank also gives us what we enjoy: suckers. God meets our daily needs but he also goes beyond that to give us the things that bless us too. In that regard, he is like the bank but only better because he provides for us in ways that are beyond our imagination.

We just need to learn to approach him with childlike faith and excited anticipation that he will give us good things in addition to the day-to-day necessities. He cares for us and “is able to make all grace abound to [us], so that always having all sufficiency in everything, [we] may have an abundance for every good deed” (2 Corinthians 9:8).

Furthermore, Psalm 37:4 exhorts us to “Delight yourself also in the Lord” and then promises, “He shall give you the desires of your heart.” He is a good God. Dare to believe that his provision is perfect, not just for what you need, but for the things that will bring you joy as well.