One of the biggest difficulties among the elderly is shopping for and preparing healthy food. Many of our friends and neighbors have a hard time getting to the store, or rely on others for transportation. And once they have the food home, there is the task of preparing it all. Many end up relying on processed frozen foods or expensive meals-to-go. And often the food that was purchased, gets wasted.


I’d heard about Thrive Life food over the past few years and finally decided to give it a try since it lasts up to 25 years (unopened) and up to 1 year (once opened). I'd never tried freeze dried food before, but I was amazed at how good it tastes and how clean the ingredients are with no preservatives or GMOs. I decided to purchase some meats, vegetables and fruits (no junk food- just real food) to keep for a "rainy day." I ended up loving it so much I'm now using it in my daily cooking. I especially love the chopped onions, broccoli, chicken and ground beef.


It became clear. Thrive Life is the perfect solution for my elderly friends as the food is delivered to their doors. Plus cooking up a healthy meal is so simple with practically no prep work.


I also found that it’s perfect for my folks who have a harder time chewing and eating due to Alzheimer's Disease. These foods ca

easily be blended up for safer swallowing while offering the same important nutrients as whole foods. Caregiving just got easier.

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